Versiunea in limba romana: Salata de fasole verde cu sos de rodie
I bought pomegranate sauce from an arabic grocery store. Imediatly after I arrived home, I tasted it and I loved the aroma: sweet and sour at the same time, actually more sour 🙂 Delicious in salads… My first experiment: green beans salad.
I washed and cleaned the green beans, I steamed it for a couple of minutes, just  enough to remain crispy. I mixed  2-3 tablespoons of pomegranate juice, 2-3 tablespoons of parsley (finely cut), 1 garlic clove (finely cut) and a bit of  olive oil. Mixed everything together and let it  rest for 1 hour. It was delicious! The green beans had absorbed the lovely aromas of the pomegranate and the parsley… Crispy and flavored… Delicious…

Green bean salad with pomegranate sauce

2 thoughts on “Salata de fasole verde cu sos de rodie

  1. foarte interesant. Rodia este un fruct foarte aparte. Pare gustos!

  2. delicios. Voi incerca si alte combinatii cu sos de rodie. Mi-a placut si Tabuleh cu rodie.

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